Give your friend a Mini Coaching Program worth 200 euros as an amazing free Gift!

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Mini Coaching Program with focus on you!

You will receive a Mini Coaching Program, which consists of an introductory meeting and two coaching sessions. During the coaching sessions we create a moment of peace and reflection. Think about how you are really doing. We look at where you stand and what you encounter. You go home full of insights about yourself and with many practical tools! We can really achieve a lot in the Mini Coaching Program!


I will gladly help you find the answers in yourself! I, Swie, coach women who always want to do everything right and sometimes forget about themselves, also in the relationship with other people. In practice I often notice that women can be hard on themselves. If there is something to be proud of, it is not good enough. They take good care of others and often forget themselves. On the outside, their life seems perfect, but on the inside it doesn’t feel that way.
I was one of those people, I always wanted to help everyone and meanwhile I found it difficult to be proud of myself. During coaching I found out that this was due to underlying patterns from my past. Where I previously solved everything with my ratio, coaching enabled me to get in touch with my feelings much better and this has been an amazing asset! I can now look at myself and my environment in a much more honest and more vulnerable way. I do not take everything personally anymore, which was very exhausting to me. This has improved my relationships with others and I have more peace and acceptance of myself.


Thanks to the many courses, trainings and practical experiences, I have learnt to be gentle to myself but to still be there for my environment. I believe that the underlying emotions and needs that you feel form the entrance to gaining self-insight and ultimately to alter your behavior. All answers are within yourself! I would be happy to help you find these answers.


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This Gift is for


If you recognize that you find it difficult to set your limits, whether at work or in your private life.


If you suffer from energy leaks in everyday life and you don’t know where it comes from.


If you want to do it right, but your perfectionism also exhausts you and sometimes you feel like you are never doing it well enough.


If you feel like you are always running and sometimes feel guilty for wanting to spend more time with your kids and partner.


If you want to experience what coaching can mean to you.


I will investigate together with you what issues you encounter and which patterns are present in your life. I believe that all answers are within yourself.

Why do I give

this gift?

It is a crazy time and it is more important than ever to be yourself. I therefore give away 10 Mini Coaching Programs (Gifts) because I believe that the hard-working women who keep all the balls in the air deserve it and need it.

These Gifts are not available to anyone, you always get it through somebody else. There is also only limited space.

It is a way for me to contribute. In addition, I think this is the perfect way to experience whether my way of coaching suits you. If you are enthusiastic about it, you may be able to send someone in the future who can also use coaching.
What is in the


You will receive a Mini Coaching Program, which consists of an introductory meeting and two coaching sessions. In total, we therefore have three contact moments. A session lasts approximately 1.5 hours. The sessions take place in my practice or possibly online via, for example, Skype.

I use different techniques and methods, all aimed at investigating which underlying patterns lie underneath your behavior. Sometimes you know best with your ratio what you want to do differently, but it still does not work. We investigate why this is the case during the coaching. We do not stay on the surface, but rather we aim to uncover the deeper mechanisms that drive your behavior.

I will ask you the right critical questions, so that you will think about it and will find the answers yourself. I also offer a listening ear. I often get feedback from my clients that they love that they can just tell their story and that someone really listens. Every session is different. Together we investigate what is needed at that moment and what you want to talk about. With me you can really be yourself!

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