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Swie Oei

Hi, I’m Swie Oei. I am an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a friend and a coach. I coach people (like you?) With the goal that they are and stay happy and dare to be who they want to be. I listen, I make you feel safe, I continue asking where other people stop asking, I challenge you to look differently, I encourage you to go to explore your feelings, and stimulate you to go one step further. I help you with self-reflection so that you have more and more insight into the behavior you use at work or at home, so that you can break patterns.

I believe that the underlying emotions and needs form the entrance for self-insight and ultimately for changing your behavior. All answers are in you!

You can describe my coaching style as listening, curious, safe, stimulating,without judgment and challenging.


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SwieCoacht is affiliated with the professional organization for Coaches 'NOBCO'.

Coaching methods

Voice dialogue,

Neurolinguistic programming

(NLP) provocative coaching,

Rational Emotive Therapy (RET),

Working systemically,

Table arrangements, genogram,

Intuitive coaching

Working with child emotions,

Core emotions




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